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Ethnique High Waisted Skirt

Sale price480,00 lei
Bohemian High Waisted Mid-length Skirt featuring pleated see-through black veil on a side with adjustable belt.
Picture this: a resplendent vision of cultural fusion captured in a single ensemble. At its core, an ethnique skirt, a canvas of tradition adorned with vibrant hues and intricate patterns that weave a tale of heritage and pride. With every twirl, the skirt becomes a living tapestry, showcasing the artistry of generations past and present.
Completing the look is a veil of deep black, a mysterious and alluring addition that adds an air of intrigue and sophistication.
Material: Polyester and Cotton
Care: Washing Machine using the Gentle Wash program and a protection sachet.

Ethnique High Waisted Skirt
Ethnique High Waisted Skirt Sale price480,00 lei